About Lanca Sales

Since 1978, Lanca Sales has provided our customers with a service that is unsurpassed in our field.

Lanca Sales is the leading Full Service Export Distributor for Food Service Disposables and Institutional Products from the United States. We help distributors and importers in more than 70 different countries source products from the US and other countries around the world. Our Services are unique to the export and import industry.

By providing the following services, we offer our customers more than a supplier - we offer them a partner

One stop shopping for all US manufactured plastic and paper disposable products

Access and updates of the latest trends in innovative and cost effective packaging

Freight forwarding and shipping services all handled in house by Lanca's logistics staff. We feel that we have the most competitive shipping rates available by sea and air.

A very experienced and well trained export team that always look for the best solutions.

Container freight station within five miles of one of the largest US ports.

Over 30 years of export sales and trading experience.

Solid relationships with most US companies that manufacture to-go packaging, janitorial cleaning products, industrial paper, equipment and supermarket supplies.

We are certain that we can offer overseas customers more than just a price and product. Our aim is to provide a great service at very competitive prices - all focused on exporting US manufactured goods.

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Lanca Sales Inc.
1235 Central Ave.
Hillside NJ, 07205

Tel: +1-973 326 8000
Fax: +1-973 326 8008



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